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G & H builders specialise in the design and build of house extensions in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding locality.

House Extensions of all kinds have been growing in popularity over recent years. The can provide more space for children to play, additional bedrooms for guests, a family room, a home office, or just more space for everyday living.

double storey house extension in Tunbridge Wells

Extending your Home in Tunbridge Wells

Today many families choose to add space to their home with an extension rather than moving to a larger property. Record house prices and the difficulty for young people to obtain mortgages have led to the situation where more young adults are living with their parents than ever before. This can put a huge pressure on living space. More space can mean more family harmony; children fight less; young adults get to enjoy their privacy; there are fewer arguments about what to watch on TV and less pressure on the bathroom.

By extending your home you can change your space so that it better suits your lifestyle and needs. While we design and build extensions that are practical, they are also inspirational. We often find that even simple changes can create amazing results. We work closely with our clients through the complete process so that they are fully involves from the start to the finish.

Home Extensions do more than remodel the interior space of your home; they change its design outside too. They are a great opportunity for modernising older properties. Many of our clients in Tunbridge Wells choose to extend their kitchen and remove an internal wall to create a huge open plan living space. We find that even small extensions can make a huge difference. A home extension does more than just create extra space; it also provides an opportunity to re-purpose existing space.

Increase your home’s value

Extensions are also a certain way to add value to your home. Many people are surprised to learn that, according to the Nationwide Building Society, an extension that includes an extra bedroom and en-suite can increase the value of a typical three bedroom home by up to 23 percent.

house extension in Tunbridge Wells

Extensions: Design & Build

Whether you choose a kitchen extension, a side extension, a rear extension or a wrap-round extension for open plan living, G & H builders will walk you through the complete process from formulating your initial ideas, design including architectural drawing, site preparation, construction and finishing including a complete decorating service. We can help you with obtaining planning permission and provide you with all the necessary documentation to show that that our work conforms to the latest building regulations.

Fully insured builders

G & H Builders build all kinds of extensions for our clients in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas. We are fully insured against any possible eventuality and always provide a full professional and friendly service at a competitive price. All our work is guaranteed.

If you want a house extension built by a builder you can trust, contact G & H Builders